Thula Mama

*”Thula Mama.”
You see Mama, it is okay to cry. The ocean cries sometimes. It cries every night, visiting the
land, hoping someone will dry her mighty wave of tears.
Your tears are a mighty ocean, don’t let them stop your waves. Hardships are there Mama.
Some are small, some are large. Just like the mighty ocean. Because you see Mama, if the
ocean never cried, the ocean would never be. Thula Mama,
***Ungas’ ukhale, kodwa izinto zizoba ngcono.
Thula Mama,
Do not forget you are an ocean.
But also, do not ocean forget, even oceans cry.”
By Mind Of The Writer, dedicated to my mother.
(*Thula- Be Still

***-You may cry, but things will be better )


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