“Don’t tell me to silence the roar of my hair for you, to bow down to you.

My hair is the seed of my ancestors, the thick branches of their earthly roots. You cannot limit this ancestral garden.

For centuries my hair has been covered, cancelled and crooked but now demands to be caressed by the hands of those whose blood was shed for it. By those whose lives have ended for it. By those whose freedom continues to be condemned by it. My hair demands to be seen, to be heard, to be felt, to be respected. My hair is poetry, the words of a million soldiers and the hearts of a thousand aunties encompassed into the kinks and coils that make it.

Stop teaching our girls to hide their glory. Our hair tells our stories,
Tales of the women before us. The goddesses who raised us. Every intricate twist and curl encapsulating our black girl magic. My hair reaches the heavens , reaching skies larger than your existence, but tainted by the very soil that grew it. Soil kissed and loud like the aunties before us, my hair is my crown. It demands to be worshipped.

And so I ask,
love me for the strength that comes with my hair
love me for the seduction that comes with my hair
love me for my blackness.”
IMG-20170701-WA0004 Written by: Luna- Mizar The Star and Mind Of The Writer.

MOTW Model with a gorgeous crown- Namafu



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